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HOLYDEED is a new smartphone application that was designed specifically for Churches. It seamlessly allows its users to Contribute & Tithe using Airtime, PayPal and Credit Card.



       i) Features include:-


  •  Sermons
  •  Chat/Messaging
  •  News
  •  Events
  •  Gallery
  •  Mobile Advertisements


       ii) Versions being developed:-

  • iOS
  • Android - Will be ready by 01/05/2013


HOLYDEED is available as a free download through BlackBerry App World and It is the ONLY Church app in the world that uses airtime as a means of payment.





With direct carrier billing:-


-  Provides instantaneous payment

-  Protected payment details and consumer identity

-  Better conversion rates

- Where the operators already have a billing relationship with the consumers,   the payment will be added to their bill.


 Other Benefits:-


- Works on most BlackBerry mobile phones. (IOS and Android to follow).


-  Real-time interactions – Payments & Sermons


-  Direct connections between handset and applications

- Up to date News and Events


-  More secure and cost efficient


-  User-friendly and can be accessed anytime and anyplace


-  Global coverage network to more than 800 networks in 160 countries


-  Short setup time and flexibility


-  Fast − most transactions are completed in less than 1 minute.


-  Wider audience − you can reach the unbanked and different age groups.


- Convenience – Consumers will no longer have to carry cash around.




- Wider audience – reaching the unbanked and different age groups.


-  Ability to manage the payment service through a web panel


-  A complete payment widget, integrated easily into your web panel.


-  In-depth statistics allow complete monitoring of every transaction.


-  Bringing added value to your brand name


-  Lowering your banking and transfer costs


-  Increasing customer loyalty




All data and content which we need to display on the application will be fetched from the server when the application is running. No data will be stored on the device locally.




By default, the application will run on Portrait Mode only.




Application designs and images will be fixed adverts; both for header and footer. Pictures and Logos to be displayed under – Events and/or Mobile advertisements must be clear and of the required size.




Application interface will be in English only.




Will be operated by an administrative Personnel; appointed by The CHURCH, and approved by 2went3 Associates, to perform work allotted by The CHURCH.




An API (Code) was created to access data from server. No one can access, hack or interrupt data from API or Server.




The Clients and the Church will get statements sent to their email addresses in the folloiwing format:


CONTRIBUTORS NAME                  EMAIL ID                              AMOUNT                            DATE




2WENT3 Associates (pty) Ltd owns worldwide exclusive rights to HOLYDEED App, its website, modules and functionalities.


***Illegal and/or unauthorised use of the Holydeed App or the Web Application will be investigated, and Appropriate legal action will be taken at our sole discretion, including without limitation, civil, criminal, and injunctive redress.





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